About Us

Established in 2000, We are a leading futures brokerage firm in Indonesia who was one of the founders and shareholders of the Jakarta Futures Exchange (The Jakarta Futures Exchange) and member of Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (the Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange).

Managed by professionals who have integrity, professionalism, dedication and high ability in this industry as well as internationally certified. The scope of business activities as a brokerage firm with all access and competency of them include investment services, clearing services, service delivery mandate futures transactions local and foreign, consulting services, hedging, risk management and the transaksi.Layanan applied to the Commodity Futures Contract, Loco London Gold, Stock Index Futures and Forex.

Our role that operate in several cities in Indonesia, has encouraged the growth of futures trading industry in Indonesia with the growing volume of transactions in the tens of thousands of lots every month. This growth makes us a leading brokerage firm in Indonesia and the largest trading commodity products. Since its establishment in 2000 until now, has consistently been providing the highest quality services and professionals for the benefit of customers. Currently our status as:

-Corporate Broker to Broker License for the Supervisory Board of the Commodity Futures Trading (BAPPEBTI) No. 109 / BAPPEBTI / SI / V / 2001.

-Member of the Jakarta Futures Exchange Exchange Membership Certificate No. SPPKB-002 / BBJ / 09/00.

-Member of the Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange with Member Certificate No. 074 / SPKB / ICDX / Dir / III / 2012.

-Clearing Member in the Clearing House Indonesia with registration No. 11 / AK-IAC / VIII / 2001.

-Company Distributor Agent Overseas Transactions with permission 221 / BAPPEBTI / SP / VII / 2003 and No. 221 / BAPPEBTI / SP / P.01 / VIII / 2003.

-Participating companies Alternative Trading System by Letter Granting Approval No. 1146 / BAPPEBTI / SP / 3/2007



Plaza Bapindo-Mandiri Tower 20th Floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.54-55, Jakarta 12190

Prudential Tower 22th Floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.79, Jakarta 12910